Hours of Operation

Yes, we operate 7 days a week! Rats don't take days off.

MONDAY 7am - 8pm
TUESDAY 7am - 8pm
WEDNESDAY 7am - 8pm
THURSDAY 7am - 8pm
FRIDAY 7am - 8pm
SATURDAY 8am - 7pm
SUNDAY 10am - 6pm
Our company has a team of trained, experienced, and fully-licensed technicians that will deliver an all-inclusive dead animal removal service. Our professionalism is augmented by our utmost desire to provide our customers with the best output. We understand how this conflict with the animal would be stressful enough for our clients. Therefore, allow our professional technicians to walk you through the carcass removal procedure in an efficient and friendly manner. We want to make sure that you will feel comfortable when opening your door to our people. We will require them to show up with their uniform and ID. We conduct a stringent background check and testing to guarantee that these people can represent our company. We will provide dead animal removal services to homeowners, commercial and industrial facilities, and municipalities. We employ an environment-friendly and safe method that will not expose anyone to health risks. We will use commercial-grade cleaning and decontaminating solutions to eliminate the possibility of disease transmission. We can also conduct remediation service and preventive measures to prevent another animal from accessing and dying inside your property. We will offer you a full line of service related to the deceased creature, so you won't have to look elsewhere.